These Bones
Written by Jack Sundrud

Rollin' on through the prairie night
Memories flickering like starlight

A wide eyed kid with a hungry soul
Then I heard that sound on the radio
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

We played all night for the love of it
Ragged voices, calloused fingertips
Living, breathing rock 'n roll
Packed up our dreams and we hit the road
It doesn't seem that long ago

These bones know every mile
These bones know every mile
Young and old familiar faces
And a thousand places where I'm home
These bones know every mile

In that field there was a dance hall
We'd yell and sweat and shake those walls
A few beers, a few good old songs
Troubles fade when you sing along
Everybody sing along

And when my fading headlights shine
On that final exit sign
And I look over my shoulder
Am I wiser or just older
On this road I travel
I've learned three things for sure
Tip your waitress, sing your heart out
And leave them wanting more
Leave them wanting just one more