Noonday Sun
Written by Jack Sundrud and Benny Hester

Hear that whistle, hear that crack
Hammerin' spikes in a railroad track
Ain't got time to wipe my brow
Gotta get through some way, some how
Boss says gotta get it done
And I'm breakin' my back in the noonday sun
I'm a number, got no name
Wearin' stripes and wearin' chains
Ain't no water for my thirst
Big and bad and getting worse
They'll shoot me if I try to run
And let me bleed in the noonday sun
Payin' for the wrongs I done
Never meant to hurt no one
Slavin' in the noonday sun

I've got twenty years if I behave
Sometimes I long for an early grave
And if I die, bury me
Back home 'neath that willow tree
And there I'll be 'til Jesus comes
Six feet down from the noonday sun